Zac Scott 'For The Love Of' artwork
Artwork by Layla Rose

Zac Scott announces release of his first album

Zac Scott

Zac Scott (Photo Credit – Katarina Kositski, Ocular Sound)

Dumfries-raised singer-songwriter Zac Scott has announced the self-release of his first album, “For The Love Of…”.

Due on October 1st 2019, it is a hotly anticipated announcement from the 25-year-old songwriter, who has enjoyed a lengthy creative and responsive process throughout 2018 to devise this new collection of songs. A series of events and gigs will take place in the lead up to the release.

A dedication to Scotland and Iceland, “For The Love Of…” is bold and intimately intense. It will feature an ethereal soundscape created by strings, synths and percussion, capturing the essence of those wildernesses.

Produced in Glasgow’s Southside by Thomas Brumby and recorded in his studio, the 12-track album (featuring three delicate instrumentals) has been made possible by working with a core group of musicians from Dumfries, Glasgow and Iceland. Stuart Macpherson, Cameron Black, Grace Dale, Sarah McWhinney, Kenny Cormack and Gudrun Soley Siguradardottir all feature on the album.

Influenced by the likes of James Blake, David Gray, Glen Hansard and Olafur Arnalds, this emerging artist’s new work is one to keep an eye on.

Read more about Zac Scott in his Small Town Sounds Band Profile and on his website.

You can watch Zac’s album announcement here:

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