What are The Enigma Sessions?

Enigma SessionsThe Enigma Sessions…so what exactly are they?  

Following the success of the launch night of a new musical enterprise, we thought it was about time to cast some light over, “a day that orbed the horizon with an enigma.” *

The main objective of The Enigma Sessions is to make live music accessible to people in places that would otherwise remain isolated. The organisers plan to utilise venues that are specifically unrelated to live music in their day-to-day uses. In doing so, they hope to encourage more people in smaller communities to support live music from both local acts and artists from further afield.

The Enigma Sessions Liam Russell Ruari Barber-Fleming

The Enigma Sessions organisers Ruari Barber-Fleming and Liam Russell

The organisers behind The Enigma Sessions are local musicians Liam Russell (Tiderays) and Ruari Barber-Fleming (Frozen Shores). Hailing from the Castle Douglas area, they both wanted to find a way for live music fans in Galloway to be given the opportunity to go to gigs without traveling into the main town of Dumfries. They took the idea and pitched to CatStrand in New Galloway, who loved the idea so much they supported them in making it happen. 

Their first event took place at the Sulwath Berwery and featured Mothernight alongside Frozen Shores.

The Enigma SessionsYour support means that the team can keep hosting events, bringing in an array of super-talented people to keep your eyes and ears entertained, and leave you feeling enriched while developing a brand new and exciting rural music scene.

The next event will take place in the Earth’s Crust Bakery in Castle Douglas this coming Friday at 7pm. The line up features Flew The Arrow, Kate Kyle and Michael Cassidy.

There will be even more events to come over the next few months and they will be revealed in a mysterious, if not spontaneous, fashion.

Be ready.

We are.

* An excerpt from the poem, Iolaire by Iain Crichton-Smith

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