The Late Twos plus support at the QOS Pub: In Photos

The Abstracts

The Abstracts

A Sunday can be a rather quiet night for live music, but on the 21st of August 2016 the Queen of the South Pub was absolutely packed with people who came out especially to see Belfast band The Late Twos and their local support, The Abstracts and 13 Crowes. It was also particularly nice to see such a big crowd because Small Town Sounds had played a big part in booking them!

Cammy Black and Ross Dickson of 13 Crowes played an acoustic set and their performance is clearly becoming tighter the more they play live. Their next gig will be as a full band at their very own debut EP launch on the 23rd September 2016 at The Venue.
The Abstracts have been fairly quiet since they headlined the Beltie Beer Festival back in June, so it was great to see them back on the stage. The addition of Robbie Huxtable to the band has been a very worthwhile move and has enhanced their overall sound considerably. The Abstracts will be supporting 13 Crowes at their EP Launch, along with The Sheepwagon.

Headliners The Late Twos had played in Stranraer the previous night as part of Park Fest and they put in an impressive effort at the Queen of the South despite feeling a little fragile. Although they took to the stage a little later than planned, the vast majority of people stayed on to watch them and – judging by their smiles as they left – they seemed to be pleased that they did.

Hopefully The Late Twos will make a return to Dumfries very soon, but in the meantime, get yourselves along to the 13 Crowes gig on the 23rd of September and show your support!

(Thanks to Small Town Sounds photographers Nicky Crawford and Ricky Henderson for the photos below…)

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