2018 new music releases

STS’s Highlights of 2018 – #3: New Music Acts and Releases

2018 new music releases2018 has certainly been a busy year for the musicians of Dumfries and Galloway!

It’s been hugely encouraging to see so many new acts form and many others continue. We’ve also seen some of the best new local music releases in years.

New acts

This year we welcomed five newly formed local acts to the Band Profiles section of our website, covering a whole range of genres. These have included singer-songwriter-alt-rock-synth-wave act Ra, the genre-spanning Jesus A.I., folky/funky/bluesy rockers The Cherry Pinks, alt-rock band Alloway and rock/pop/flute band The Daisy Room. Those are just the ones that have been added to the site – there are no doubt others who have formed but have not yet been in touch to be added to our list (it’s free, folks! Just contact us!). We also know of a couple who are in the process of forming – so expect some exciting new musical combinations next year!

New releases

It’s been a massive year for new music releases too. We’ve reviewed the new single by Alex Maxwell, ‘Soul Divine‘, ‘Run & Hide’ which was the much anticipated debut single by The Lutras, Kasama’s summer EP release of ‘Noisy Neighbours’, ’States of Mind’ which was the debut album from The Mind Sweepers, and also the debut EP ‘5×5’ by Redfish.

There’s been excellent new music released by Frozen Shores, Tiderays, Zoe Bestel, ONR, Chasin’ The Train, Stoney Broke, The Daisy Room, Trailer, Two Flags, Sapling, VanIves, and The Screaming Love Collective too. It’s not cheap to record music and most of these musicians are not signed to any labels, so hats off to them for putting their hard earned cash into releasing their tracks. 

Y look at our header photo to see the faces behind these new acts and releases – and we’ve probably missed a few that haven’t come on to our radar!

What a year for local music it has been. Dumfries and Galloway really has a vibrant, busy and diverse music scene and we all need to celebrate it. Head out to a gig, download their music, buy their merchandise – every little bit helps!

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