Small Town Sounds website turns 1 year old!

STS birthdayToday marks the first birthday of this here website! And what a year it’s been.

The site has featured loads of bands including The Lutras, The Abstracts, 13 Crowes, Onr., More From Jim, Novantae, The Razorbills, Gracefell., Scope Music Page, The Dangleberries, Barstow Bats, The Screaming Love Collective, The Stefan, Elia Davidson, Stereopod, The Cracked Man, The Mind Sweepers, Maxy Hogg Music, Zoë Bestel, Daz McCormick, The Late Twos, Turbyne and a whole host more.
It has featured loads of events too, including Eden Festival, Wickerman Festival, Nithraid, Stranraer RNLI Park Fest, YouthBeatz Dumfries, Ukulele Festival of Scotland, Big Burns Supper, the D&G DAVAWP Song Writing Competition, Electric Fields, the Concert at Queens, Moniaive Folk Festival, Gatehouse Festival, Maidens of Music, Beltie Beer Festival, Spoke Fest 2, and the Thornhill Music Festival, amongst many others.
There have been some fabulous interviews with Cammy Black and Davie Kirkwood, and there’s more of those to come – I’ll be doing interviews and photoshoots with Newton’s First Law and The Stefan very soon.
I’ve also done some reviews of various local gigs and festivals that have taken place throughout the year. And there’s now 23 profiles of Dumfries and Galloway-based bands/solo artists on the site.

The Small Town Sounds ‘team’ is made up of just me – Melissa Gunn – and I work on the site when I’m not doing my full-time job outside of the music industry. So, I create all the content, review the events, interview the bands, source the photographs and generally make sure the site is running the best it can. Occasionally I enlist the help of friends to take photographs for the site for special photo features like the Beltie Beer Festival and Eden (thanks Sal!) and Electric Fields (thanks Ricky!). Thanks also to Peter Jamieson who allows me to share his comprehensive gig calendar with you all.

I hope you continue to find the site interesting and useful. I’m not giving it up any time soon – in fact, in a few weeks it will be given a brand new look which I’m very excited about! There’s going to be a lot less orange going on. I’ve got loads planned when it comes to content too.
The website doesn’t generate any income for me – in fact it costs me money because of hosting and associated costs – but I think it’s so bloody awesome that I’m going to keep it going for as long as possible. You may remember that in October last year I announced there would be another Small Town Sounds CD. I had great intentions of that happening but, as it needs to be self-financed initially, it never quite came about. It’s a bit costly printing a ton of CDs, and I just didn’t (and still don’t) have the spare cash to finance it all. I’ve considered finding sponsorship from a private local company, or applying for a funding grant but that would involve me losing a bit of control over the Small Town Sounds brand. I thought about launching a crowdfunding campaign but there seems to be way too many of them around just now. Who knows what the future holds in terms of another CD – I’d like to do one sooner rather than later though, so fingers crossed.

So here’s to another successful year for Small Town Sounds and the Dumfries & Galloway music scene. Keep visiting the site and tell your friends!

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