Screaming Love Collective

Screaming Love Collective release new album

The Screaming Love Collective have returned with a brand new album.
Screaming Love Collective

Screaming Love Collective’s new album, Imola

The album, named “Imola”, comprises of 13 tracks of dance orientated hypnotic grooves, heavily embedded with their infectious self-proclaimed “Psychedelic Punk Rock Groove Sensation”.

Including their previously released single “Laika/Cosmonaut No 1.”, the album takes sound/clips and mingles them with electronic explorations to create 42 minutes of prime aural entertainment. Lovers of dance oriented electronica will enjoy the wide open sound on this excellent collection.

Led by the ever busy Bryn Thorburn, the Collectives’ latest release is due on 7th September 2018. It will be available via Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Amazon and a wide selection of other digital download options.

Bryn Thorburn is the drummer for Dumfries and Galloway band The Mind Sweepers. He has years of experience both playing and writing in bands including the Glasgow based self-proclaimed art noise terrorists Spacehopper and the Edinburgh based psychedelic band Gram Solo. Bryn also creates the artwork for The Screaming Love collective.

Bryn explained, “Imola continues my fascination with science fiction and the technological advances made since the 1960s, the hopes of a brighter better future. I also like the look of retro technology especially from the soviet era where the designs were works of art. Remember the future, the future is retro.”

Issac Navaro also appears on this album on closing track “Solid Gone”.

“Imola” will be released through Manchester record label German Shepherd Records. You can check out the The Screaming Love Collective’s Small Town Sounds Band Profile here, and their Facebook page here.

You can listen to the lead track from the album below:

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