Robert Shields at Wh? Not: Review

Robert ShieldsMany people have asked me what has happened to Finding Albert recently – for a band that previously did such an excellent job of raising their profile, they are now doing an excellent job at laying low. The band’s social media accounts have been deleted, their website has been taken down and we haven’t heard a new FA release in months. Their future is still unclear (although I would be inclined to think we may see them back in 2016 – fingers crossed), so it was great to see Robert Shields hasn’t completely disappeared.

Prior to one of the worst weekends weather-wise that the UK has seen in years, Robert Shields played a 2 hour set at Wh? Not in Dumfries to many appreciative music-lovers who had ventured out on a pretty bleak Friday evening. He has always been an extremely talented musician in his own right, and everyone knew what to expect – a flawless set by one of the nicest guys in local music. And that’s exactly what they got.
Performing a range of covers including REM and The Killers, alongside some Finding Albert favourites (Madelyne being one of the highlights for me), he delivered exactly what the crowd wanted and it went some way to filling the vacant space that Finding Albert have left.
As always, he takes his live performances seriously but yet has fun with it, and technically, he is faultless.Robert Shields

The gig was the first for Wh? Not under the new ownership/management of Mark Irving and Johnny Robertson, and it is already clear that this pub makes an excellent live music venue with Robert’s sound fitting well for the early evening time slot. Everyone was relaxed after a hard week at work, and the tasteful festive look of the pub only further enhanced this.
As announced in a previous post, the pub has an extensive line up of local musicians performing throughout December and January. Indeed, since Robert’s gig Wh? Not have went on to host Maxy Hogg and Bob Hollis the night after, and then Elia Davidson the next day. I hear that big things are planned for the future of this venue – so keep an eye out on their Facebook page for developments and most importantly, support local music by going along to the gigs when you can!

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