Review: ‘White Wine’ (demo) – What About Wolves

I love it when a band you thought were over and done with for good suddenly appear back on the scene.

What About WolvesWhat About Wolves suffered from the inevitable everyone-went-to-Uni situation a few years ago – something that many bands go through and never come out of. You know how it goes; the band members are now distributed all over the country, making it near on impossible to get a rehearsal organised so it all becomes under the mercy of the University holiday calendar. All well and good until someone says they need to work, someone else decides to go travelling, or someone has an existential crisis and isn’t sure whether being in a band is for them…

To give you a bit of background, as the band members are all from Dumfries, Amisfield, and Clarencefield, I used to play many What About Wolves tracks back when I had my radio show which covered local music. The band recorded a full album (which gave me a ton of tracks to choose from!) and were fairly active on the local gig circuit. They got their fair share of press coverage from the local newspapers, played local festivals including Wickerman and Eden, toured Scotland as part of the Hit The Road Project, and supported the likes of The LaFontaines.

Now they have returned, having survived the everyone-went-to-Uni curse, and with their original line up too, featuring Laura Currie, Matthew Mcilorum, Matthew Mitchell, Elliot Scott and Angus Spray. Well done guys! They’ve recently recorded a brand new demo called ‘White Wine’ and I’m genuinely so pleased to see them back.

What About WolvesFrom listening to the track it is clear how their sound has matured since the days of their debut album.

‘White Wine’ is a song about a difficult relationship and Currie’s vocals capture perfectly the frustration and heartbreak of the lyrics. Gone is the earlier focus on the ukulele sounds, leaving space for the remaining guitars to really come into their own whilst not acting as a burden to the song overall. I’d say this has been a very good move.

This is a great start to the next phase of their musical careers and I can’t wait to hear some more new material from them, which I’ve been told is on its way soon.  

You can listen to ‘White Wine’ by What About Wolves on Soundcloud here. They also have a Band Profile here, if you want to find out more about them. You can watch the lyric video below too!


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