Redfish Blues Band

Review: Redfish EP – 5×5

Rhythm and blues band Redfish have just released their debut EP, titled ‘5×5’.

Hailing from Dumfries and Cumbria, Redfish is made up of 5 seasoned professionals and well-known faces – Brian Harris (vocals), Martin McDonald (guitar), Rod Mackay (bass), Fraser Clark (keyboard) and Sandy Sweetman (drums). 

Redfish Blues Band

Redfish at the Thornhill Music Festival 2015

I first saw Redfish play live in 2015 at the Thornhill Music Festival and it was one of their first gigs as a band. They were one of the first bands to perform on the Saturday, playing at the Buccleuch and Queensberry Hotel. It was about 3pm and it was that point in the day where it was just ‘a bit early’. Regular festival go-ers will know exactly what I mean by this – the audience was either still a bit hungover from the opening night before, or on the flipside, they were enjoying their first beer having only just arrived. It was a tough crowd. Serious looking, some might say. Maybe even a little – dare I say it – stand-offish (or shy? You decide). 

But Redfish didn’t let it affect their performance. They were in their own little bubbles and made it quite clear that the audience could join them there should they choose to. Watching the crowd throughout, I saw their faces begin to soften and their bodies starting to loosen. By about 20 minutes into the set, they started to tap their feet a little bit. After another few songs, a couple of people even started to dance. By the end of their set, the crowd was clearly disappointed there wasn’t more to come.

Debut EP – ‘5×5”

Since then they have mainly concentrated on playing live but have recently recorded their brand new EP, titled ‘5×5‘, releasing it both online as a download and offline as a physical CD. 

Redfish EP 5x5

5×5 by Redfish (Artwork by Neil Paterson.)

Accustomed To The Darkness‘ is the standout track of the three for me. It’s a lengthy 9.45 minutes long, but as with all good blues music, you don’t notice the length of the track because there’s always something new to listen to, and a new musical element to hang onto. It seems to take you back to a simpler time, in a dark bar lit by small table lamps. It’s a beautiful track and well worth listening to.

For The Love Of The Wrong Woman‘ is far more upbeat from the beginning, with more of a focus on the gravelly sounding vocals of Harris. There’s a strong bassline in this one, and overall it’s more guitar heavy than the others.

Immaterial Man‘ is the rockier sounding one out of the three original tracks. It’s the song that would get that Thornhill crowd I mentioned earlier up dancing and it’s going to make the blood flow through your veins just that little bit faster.

Served up alongside these glorious originals are a couple of worthy covers – Sonny Boy Williamson’s ‘Temperature 110‘ and Jimmy McCracklin’s ‘Every Night and Every Day‘.

Locally produced and recorded

The album was recorded by Dave Miller at Circa 16 Sound Recording in Dumfries and has been released via Galloway record label Lost Wasp Records

Redfish Blues Band

Photo Credit: Terry Hanna Photography

Fancy seeing them live? Well you’re in luck – they’re playing at the Bowness Bay Blues Festival on Saturday 24th March 2018, if you are willing to take a wee trip out of the region. If you prefer something a bit closer to home, they’ll be returning to the Thornhill Music Festival on Saturday 5th May 2018 and will play at the Thornhill Inn at 9pm.


You can get a copy of the EP via their CDBaby Store here, or you can contact them via their Facebook page to get your hands on a physical CD. You should definitely choose one of these options.

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