Review: ‘Noisy Neighbours’ EP by Kasama

Kasama are 5-piece indie rock band from Kirkcudbright.
Kasama band

Photo credit: Brodie Donohoe

I start this review with such a precise statement because Kasama have had various guises over the past couple of years. Originally called Black Mango, they’ve underwent a name change and a couple of line-up changes too. Now that the name has been firmly decided, this seems like a very good time to release an EP.

Kasama is made up of Tyee Wright (vocals), Andrew McCulloch (lead guitar), Adam Kherbouch (rhythm guitar), Scott Christie (bass guitar) and Tom Pearsall (drums). The band started two years ago in July 2016 and have since played a number of live gigs. Highlights have included the Beltie Beer Festival in Dumfries and Park Fest in Stranraer (you can read our review of that here), as well as appearing at a number of smaller venues as support acts for other bands.

First ever release

Released through local label Smart Indie Records, their new 3 track EP, ‘Noisy Neighbours’, will be the band’s first ever release.

‘Holding Up The Sun’ is the opening track of the EP. If you’ve ever been to a Kasama gig, this track best represents their overall live sound. It features a strong guitar solo, something which has become standard in their live sets. This track has hints of The Beatles, some 90s Britpop and even a bit of Slade in there.

Kasama EP artwork

The sleeve for ‘Noisy Neighbours’, designed by Neil Paterson.

The first few seconds of the second track ‘Utoipa’ makes you wonder whether it’s about to launch into an 80’s classic rock song. It doesn’t though, and instead sounds more like Oasis in their heyday. There’s no avoiding the fact that this band are clearly heavily influenced by the vocals of a certain Liam Gallagher. However, the track is definitely added to with the at-times rather heavy guitar.

‘What We Need’ is probably my favourite track out of the three. It displays the band in its rawest and purest form. The track shows us Wright’s vocals with their own unique sound, without any obvious influence coming from elsewhere. It’s the slowest of the three but it’s also the nicest. Maybe even a bit ‘cute’.

The EP was recorded by Marcus Wright at High Street Records in Gatehouse of Fleet, and the sleeve and CD artwork has been designed by local graphic designer Neil Paterson.

“Honest, punchy sound”

Lead guitarist Andrew McCulloch from the band told us: “We must of smashed a Guinness World Record by now for the length of time it has taken us to get round to releasing this. I’m pretty sure Thatcher was still in power when we put the drums down on Holding Up The Sun. We are all proud of how it has turned out and have all grown as musicians during the process. We’re by no means claiming to reinvent the wheel, but what we can assure you of is an honest, punchy sound full of swirling melody, soaring guitars and hooky choruses.”

‘Noisy Neighbours’ is out now. You can purchase it for the very reasonable price of £4 including P&P (if you’re in the UK, otherwise it will be £5) via the Smart Indie website here.

You can watch their video for ‘Holding Up The Sun below:

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