Review: ‘Appearance in the Light’ single by Two Flags

Two Flags Appearance in the LightTwo Flags are an established two-piece comprised of Jamie Uchima of Auldgirth, Dumfries and Drew Jardine of Glasgow.

Thus far, they have released two albums digitally, with the recurring dyad being a seemingly significant theme.

Their new track, ‘Appearance In the Light’, takes the form of a seven-minute melodic wonder, including some stirring lyrical content and an overarching melancholy, longing-for-clarity feel.  

Two Flags told us, “This song came out of writing another (unreleased) song ‘Absence In The Dark’. It is about when everything starts to make sense, accepting death as an important part of life and having a cynical but optimistic outlook in life.”

Not an easy concept to discuss by any means. They explore these heavy topics by refusing to adhere to musical boundaries in their creative endeavours, but hone in on a Post/Alternative rock approach.

Thought provoking 

So, notes on the track itself. The lyrical content is intelligent in its simplicity. Jamie tells us “We will live, and we will die”. Some would suggest that this is an apparent fact of life. However, within this musical context it acts as a powerful, thought provoking opening line for the following exploration of the self.

The vocal delivery of the lyrics is similar to that of Sigur Rós in his track Hoppípolla. The melodies used for the vocal are elongated and weave seamlessly into the larger tapestry of the song.

One of the most profound features of this song is it’s uplifting, ethereal vibe, which is clever given the heavy nature of the theme and lyrics. Two Flags achieve this through thoughtful instrumentation. They use effected pedalled notes to create the wideness, which this song executes to a high standard. This is carefully incorporated in the choruses, which creates an effective juxtaposition with the more intimate verses and gradual, but impactful, builds

The only critique we have of this song is the sheer length of it. Understandably the message this song holds is one that should not be handled fleetingly. However, we feel the song could have been crafted into a slightly shorter arrangement and remain just as powerful and elegant.

In a musical nutshell, this song has been written and produced to a high level and we are excited to explore more of the work from Two Flags.

Rating: 7/10

Review by Liam Russell.

Listen to the track on Spotify here, and watch the official music video below:

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