Onr. head off on Scottish tour!

Onr.After bursting on to the music scene back in July this year, the Onr. boys have been pretty quiet. They launched impressively at King Tuts, then played a very well received gig at The Venue the following month. Everyone was excited. What would this brand new band do next? Exciting times ensued. People eagerly kept an eye on their social media channels. They asked their friends. But nobody seemed to know what their next move would be – another gig…or an EP maybe? 

What happened was that Irv got married (a wedding so famous it even got a mention in Heat magazine), Sean McCole had a mini McCole (on the day of Irv’s wedding, no less), and Robert continued to travel all over the world being the much-in-demand songwriter that he is.

But they’re back now, and they clearly don’t like to do things by halves. They’ve just headed off on a 5 date Scottish tour where they will take in the sights and become the sounds of Elgin, Aberdeen, Ullapool and Inverness, and will finish the tour off with a hometown Dumfries gig.

Small Town Sounds managed to catch up with Robert whilst they were on their road and he sounded super excited to be out on tour…

“This is our first tour as Onr., and our first back-to-back dates of any kind since we started earlier this year, so we’re all buzzing about it… and we’re getting to see some amazing places – we all love heading up North,” he explained. “Writing has been our priority for the last while. We’ve working flat-out on new material for the last six months, and this will be our first road-test of those tracks, so it feels really important to us to see what (hopefully!) reacts, and what might still need a little work. We’re also finishing those dates with a show in Dumfries, which I can’t wait for – it’ll be our last show of the year, so we’re going to enjoy it!”

The full list of dates are:

1st December – Elgin, The Drouthy Cobbler (£6)
2nd December – Aberdeen, Cafe Drummond (Free entry)
3rd December – Ullapool, The Arch Inn (Free entry)
4th December – Inverness, Madhatters (Free entry)
8th December – Dumfries, The Venue (£6)

Tickets for the Highland/Aberdeen shows can be purchased at www.beyondhighlands.com. Tickets for the Dumfries can be bought at the Onr. website – www.onrhq.com.

Keep up to date with the tour by joining the Onr. Scottish Tour Facebook Event Page.

Good luck on the tour, guys!

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