Castle Street

New Dumfries nightclub hopes shattered

Plans for a new nightclub in Dumfries town centre will not be going ahead.

Robin Barclay, who was behind the project, has said that due to circumstances “outwith his control”, he will not be progressing with his plans for the new nightclub. He was recently granted planning approval for a change of use of the old Poundstretchers building at Burns’ Statue in Dumfries from retail use to a nightclub.

The original planning application attracted a large amount of both support and opposition from residents of Dumfries (and beyond) when it was submitted in February this year. The application was approved by the Planning Applications Committee with a vote of 13 in support to 2 against. The public consultation attracted many responses prior to this with 30 formally registering their support for the venture, whilst 24 objected. Objectors raised concerns about the potential for noise disturbance and anti-social behaviour, but supporters believed the proposal would add value to the current nightlife offering in the town and were keen to see an empty building being brought back into use.

Planning was granted by Dumfries and Galloway Council but was on the condition that the applicant contribute up to £10k to the provision of enhanced CCTV in the area around the proposed nightclub.

Our story “New Dumfries nightclub gains planning approval” attracted many positive responses from those pleased to see the project take a step further.

However, the building at 9-13 Castle Street has been empty for a substantial period of time and had fallen into disrepair. On a recent tour of the building, Small Town Sounds was able to see for ourselves just how much work would be needed to bring it up to a suitable standard. 

Barclay, who is Ayrshire based but has worked as a DJ in the town, has indicated that he plans to look for another venue in the near future. He has said that once he has found “the location and a means”, he still intends to create a new nightclub in Dumfries.

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