Music artists and venues wanted for Scotland on Tour 2022

Scotland on Tour

Scotland on Tour is encouraging musicians and venues to apply for grants of up to £3000

Musicians, bands, artists and venues are being encouraged to apply to a £750,000 Scottish Government fund to bring new and additional concerts to venues and festivals in Scotland next year.

Scotland on Tour is a new initiative that will deliver multiple new concerts between 1st January and 31st December 2022 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Towns and villages across Scotland will open new venue spaces or programme an increased number of concerts providing opportunities for professional musicians to generate new income.

It will provide communities across the nation with world class performances on their doorstep contributing to more sustainable concert delivery without the need for audiences to travel into major cities and it will contribute towards rural economies through the creation of a nation-wide festival.

Artists can apply for funding that covers touring costs such as vehicle hire, production, crew, marketing (if self-promoting), accommodation and subsistence. 

Musicians and venues can apply to the fund here. The deadline for applications is Monday 22nd November 2021 at 6pm.

The level of awards will be between £100 and £3000 for each concert. In addition to the grant award, artists will retain 70% of ticket sales (minus VAT, PRS and box office commission) to assist with economic recovery from COVID-19. Promoters/venues will retain 30%.

Funded by Scottish Government and organised by Active Events, its decision making panel includes representatives from across the music industry, as well as Creative Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, XpoNorth and South of Scotland Enterprise.

What you need to know:
  • The fund is designed to provide additional live income for professional musicians who have lost earnings as a result of COVID-19. It is not designed for musicians who have a full-time job and perform concerts as a secondary career. Artists will be asked to evidence this.
  • To be eligible, artists and promoters must be resident in Scotland. Venues must be based in Scotland.
  • Priority will be given to concerts in rural towns and villages, assisting with the economic regeneration of the rural economy. However, venues in urban locations not usually promoting concerts are also eligible. A geographical spread of concerts across Scotland is one of the aims of this fund.
  • Artists, venues and promoters must demonstrate how each concert is new and additional to those that would usually take place. For example, a venue that would typically promote concerts 7 days a week would not qualify. The funding exists to provide additional activity and is not to replace performances that would otherwise/usually take place.
  • Festivals can apply for additional activity for example to add an additional stage or to add a new venue to existing activities, festivals should contact to discuss this separately.
  • Artists should apply for touring costs as needed, for example vehicle hire, fuel, accommodation, and subsistence, as well as engineer costs and any PA or lighting required. In addition, artists will receive 70% of the net ticket sales (minus PRS, box office commission and VAT if applicable) for each concert. NB If a venue does not have an in-house PA/lighting system, the artist and NOT the promoter will be provided with grant funding to hire the equipment.
  • Promoters and venues should apply for costs that, as outlined above, are not met by the artist. Examples include venue hire, stewarding and marketing. If a venue has an in-house PA system and lighting equipment, then grants cannot be claimed to cover this as it is expected that these will either be wholly owned and paid for, covered by hire purchase agreements or be in receipt of other grant funding. If a venue has full-time technical staff on a payroll, then grants towards these costs cannot be claimed. If, however, there are no permanent technicians and freelance crew are required to operate in house systems, grants will be applicable. The ambition of Scotland on Tour is to raise income for artists, venues and promoters as well as to contribute to the rural economy.
  • Artists may self-promote, meaning they can book their own venues and act both as the artist and the promoter. In this situation, 30% of the net ticket sales (minus PRS, box office commission and VAT if applicable) will be paid to Scotland on Tour to facilitate additional concerts.
  • Promoters and venues are required to market all concerts within their communities and also to set aside some funding to engage with a centralised press agent and social media planner who will be appointed by Scotland on Tour. This will allow for joint marketing of the overall project. Amounts expected to be allocated to each concert are £200 per concert so please make sure you factor this into your budget.
  • Creative Scotland Regularly Funded organisations applying will need to evidence that the activity is additional to their annual plan.
  • All participating venues and promoters must allocate a minimum of 10% of tickets to Scotland on Tour’s centralised box office (a higher percentage is encouraged). This will assist with the marketing of Scotland on Tour as a national project and is expected to generate legacy income for increased activity. Where artists are self-promoting, 75-100% of tickets must be allocated to the central box office.
  • Venues, promoters and artists must provide content for the Scotland on Tour website which will serve as a central hub for all related concerts. For venues and promoters this will include a photo, a brief history where applicable, directions and access info. For artists this will include a bio, photo, video, press quotes and occasional tour updates.
  • Artists, promoters and venues must all have public and employers’ liability insurance as required and will be requested to fully indemnify Scotland on Tour for any negligence, claims or breach of legal requirements. Performance agreements will be between the artist, individual promoter or venue and not with Scotland on Tour.

For more information, visit the Scotland on Tour website.

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