The Mind Sweepers

The Mind Sweepers Release Debut Album ‘States of Mind’

Dumfries band The Mind Sweepers have released their debut album, ‘States of Mind’, through Manchester-based German Shepherd Records.

The Mind SweepersThe Mind Sweepers have been working up to this pivotal point since forming at the start of 2015 whilst being incredibly active on the gig and festival circuit, including regular live appearances at Eden Festival and a recent support slot for The Skids

The album has an undoubtedly indie sound, reminiscent of some of the 90s music era. This is combined nicely with a clear folk element and a chilled out feel. Fans of Shed Seven and The Seahorses I think will particularly like this album. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a soundtrack for your post-afterparty beers, this could well be a good choice.

Boasting 10 newly recorded tracks, the album features some live favourites amongst some new gems. Check out ‘Colour Blind’, a guitar-riff heavy belter at just over 7 minutes long.

Manchester-based German Shepherd Records signed The Mind Sweepers in 2016, and this is their first full album released through the label. They previously released their EP ‘Mating Game’ in the Spring of 2016.

The Mind Sweepers

The Mind Sweepers

The whole album was recorded and produced by Huey Dowling at the Unit 7 Studio in Bladnoch, Wigtown. The band’s line up features Paul Winter (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Lyrics), John McInally (Lead Guitar), Mark Jardine (Bass) and Bryn Thorburn (Drums/Percussion).

We had a wee chat with Paul Winter about his experience of recording the new album:
“It may seem like a long, drawn out affair with regard to how long it took us to release our debut but the modus operandi of The Mind Sweepers has always been that we stay self-sufficient, and nobody has to use their personal income to finance band activities,” he explained. “With this in mind we’ve actually done alright in getting an album recorded, produced, and mastered off the back of gig money. States of Mind’ was actually recorded in about 5/6 sessions, and was mastered and ready for release within 6 months. We decided to hold out on release until Spring however, with the other option of a mid-December release not really sitting well with the band. We were blessed to be working with Huey Dowling at Unit 7 for the album, and his input was welcome, and invaluable.

“With the exception of Bryn, nobody else in the band had recorded an album before, so it was virgin territory for us, but we pulled it off, and we’re happy with the finished work. We had some invaluable input off Al Price on harmonica too, and some sterling work from Owen Fielding on keys. Now we’ve got another chapter in the ‘Releasing an Album’ book coming-up, the promotion and marketing, and yet again, more virgin territory to cover. Up to this point however we’ve done alright, and hopefully our good luck will carry us through.”

So what does the future hold for The Mind Sweepers? “We’d be lying if we said we weren’t hoping to get picked up by a major label, and whisked off to Barbados to record the second album...” Paul told us. “But we’re realists, and fully aware that ‘success’ in the music industry is as much reliant on good luck as it is artistic ability. But who knows what’s round the corner? We’ll just keep writing and gigging, that’s whit we dae! There are a lot of great bands and acts coming out of Dumfries at the moment, releasing music and gigging all over the country, it’s a pleasure to be one of them, although we really do need to work on that ‘gigging all over the country’ aspect.”

States of Mind is available as an online priced at £7 and can be downloaded at the German Shepherd Bandcamp page here. The band planned to have physical copies on sale soon – get in touch with them at The Mind Sweepers Facebook Page here if you would like to put your name down for one. You can find out more about The Mind Sweepers on their Small Town Sounds Band Profile here, and follow them on Facebook


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