Letters from America tour Lewis Fieldhouse Dave Giles

‘Letters From America’ tour to arrive in Dumfries & Galloway

Letters from America tour Lewis Fieldhouse Dave Giles

The tour will cover Dumfries, Wigtown, Dalbeattie and Sanquhar

A special folk/country/Americana pop music tour titled ‘Letters From America’ is due to land in Dumfries & Galloway next month. 

Yorkshire singer-songwriter Lewis Fieldhouse has teamed up with London’s Dave Giles to take their unique sounds on the road.

The ‘Letters From America’ tour will focus on rural areas in Scotland, with a particular focus on Dumfries & Galloway. Dates include the Theatre Royal in Dumfries, the Birchvale Theatre in Dalbeattie, The Print Rooms in Wigtown and A’ The Airts in Sanquhar. 

The duo are keen to bring their music to people they have never played to before, especially in rural locations who might not otherwise have had access to their music and stories.

Lewis Fieldhouse told us, “I’ve always loved the tradition of folk music in pubs and have done several of the ‘big walks’ in Scotland over the years and found the sense of community and comradely that music can bring to a taproom, miles from anywhere, is quite inspiring. Access to music has always been a big thing for us and we’ve ensured that most of our shows in D&G are pay what you want (with the exception of the Theatre Royal), as are all our shows we play anywhere in the UK.”

Critically acclaimed albums

Both Lewis Fieldhouse and Dave Giles have a love for the US, which has inspired the name of their tour.

Giles recently made a record in Nashville, Tennessee after raising £25,000 from his dedicated following to do so. The album has gained praise from Country Music Magazine and Americana UK, as well as his growing fanbase. He sold out his 2018 UK tour, backed by the session players who recorded the album with him in Music City. Among them was ex-Pearl Jam drummer, Dave Krusen. Listen to the album on Spotify here

In 2013, Lewis Fieldhouse went to California and instead of the trip he’d planned, he was met with utter disaster. Dumped, depressed, and lost in LA, his journey of a lifetime started to unravel before his eyes. But instead of moping in a dirty hostel, he struck out into California’s vast landscape in search of adventure. The gig will present the victories and defeats of his wanderings in British tinged Americana songwriting which audiences of his Edinburgh Fringe shows called ‘hilarious’, ‘delicate’, and ‘intimate’. The accompanying album was praised by Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2, and with Clash Magazine commenting on the ‘sparse but deeply affecting songwriting’. You can listen to his album here.

The ‘Letters From America’ tour dates are:

7th April: The Studio, Theatre Royal, Dumfries
8th April: The Royal Oak, Edinburgh
9th April: The Rep Theatre Restaurant, Dundee
10th April: Birchvale Theatre, Dalbeattie
11th April: The Print Rooms, Wigtown
12th April: Cafe A’The Airts, Sanquhar

All dates are ‘pay what you want’ with the exception of the Theatre Royal (£8 + £2 booking fee) and the Birchvale Theatre (£5).  

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