The Cherry Pinks

Introducing…The Cherry Pinks

The Cherry Pinks are a very recent addition to the Dumfries & Galloway music scene.

The Cherry PinksWe’ve recently added a nice shiny new Band Profile to our list, but we wanted to let them tell you a little bit more about themselves.

So we had a quick wee chat with their drummer, Neil Paterson. Here’s what he had to say:

“The tireless Melissa Gunn of Small Town Sounds has asked me to put a few words together about The Cherry Pinks, a fairly new(ish) Dumfries-based band centered around the sparkling talent that is singer/songwriter Julie Ward. As I’m the drummer, this wee revue won’t be biased in the slightest, darlings.

‘The Cherry Pinks are Julie Ward (guitars/vocal) Henry Race (bass/guitar/mandolin/vocal), Andy Ho (guitar), John Macinally (guitar) and yours truly Neil Paterson, on drums. We play Julie’s own magical songs – they’re almost impossible to pigeon-hole or categorise. Sometimes they are folky/bluesy, sometimes jazzy, always soulful, and recently – pretty raucous. We also play some very eclectic and obscure covers (again, all arranged by Julie with help from the rest of the band).

‘Julie, Henry Race and I had been playing together with guitarist and songwriter Linzie Watson in the well-known (and very well-loved) Ward and Watson, which came to a rather natural end about two months ago. Linzie’s off doing her own thing now, with bassist John Bremner (Poison Ivy League) and Scott Kerr (Way Up). In August this year, Julie, Henry and I had been looking for a guitar player (or players) for about three days and suddenly, Andy Ho appeared on the scene, with his shiny Telecaster. We asked to put together a rather tricky solo for one of our covers, he delivered very handsomely and was in. Andy had been DJing for yonks and just wanted to play in a working band again – we are lucky to have him. Next on the scene was John Macinally, the guitar player with local psychedelic groovers The Mind Sweepers. An excellent player, he never does the same thing twice, kinda like his hero Richard Thompson. He’s a real gent, is John and has some awfy cool claes.

‘Nearly all of us play with other folks, just like most band people in Dumfries – Henry plays in Josephine and the Shades, John with the Mind Sweepers, Julie does her electronic thing with Mind Sweeper Bryn Thorburn, I play with local noisy types Poison Ivy League and with Scott Kerr and Linzie Watson…as you can see it’s all incredibly incestuous. But it’s Julie Ward that is at the heart of this band. She writes and arranges the songs, which are just wonderful – quirky and original, with that underlying simplicity that marks a great tune. She does beats and rhythms too, and makes Henry and me play ‘em – we like that. There are no Cherry Pinks without Julie – she is a truly talented songwriter and arranger, and I for one are so very happy to be in her band. Come and see us if you can – we are on at the Coach on the 25th January and in the Big Burns Supper Hub on the 26th.”

So there we have it. We wish lots of luck to The Cherry Pinks – we wish you a very long and exciting musical journey!

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