Interview: Poison Ivy League

Dumfries and Galloway has seen a flurry of new bands forming recently, and this Saturday night (3rd December 2016) will see the debut for another new one – the Dumfries-based Poison Ivy League.

They will be providing support for fellow doonhamers The Abstracts and Castle Douglas band Gracefell at the latest live venue to open in Dumfries, The Live Lounge.

Neil Paterson

Neil Paterson

Small Town Sounds caught up with Neil Paterson, drummer of Poison Ivy League, for a wee chat…

Small Town Sounds: Hey Neil! So tell us, how did the band first get together?
Neil Paterson: I know our guitar player/vocalist Jack Taylor through his wife Jenn (who’s expecting their first baby…announced today!!) who works with my wife Gillian. John Bremner and I have been mates for a long time, through a common love of rock ‘n’ roll, punk and motorcycles. Jack and I love the same kind of music, although we both have very eclectic taste….we decided to put a band together but were struggling for a bass player. I asked John ‘cos he’s just so rock ‘n’ roll, and is a skinny wasted looking bloke who’d look good with a bass slung around him. John has learned bass from scratch in the five months we have been together!

STS: How would you describe Poison Ivy’s Sound?
NP: The Live Lounge is our debut gig – our sound is very raucous, American 70’s rock’n’roll/punk. We are all pretty much influenced by Iggy Pop and the Stooges, The New York Dolls, Jonny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, The Ramones, The Clash, Elvis Presley and David Bowie and about a million others.

STS: Have you all played in bands previously?
NP: John hasn’t played in a band before, Jack has played in gawd knows how many bands in Glasgow/Motherwell and I’ve been playing drums since I was 15 or so, most recently with Heart of Rust and The Strumsum Blues Band.

STS: Why the name Poison Ivy League?
NP: The name comes from Jack who noticed the term “Poison Ivy League” being used in an ancient Elvis movie.

STS: What do you think of the Dumfries and Galloway music scene just now?
NP: Speaking personally, I’m amazed at the D and G music scene – there is a wealth of talent around here, and the region seems to be punching above our weight band wise.

STS: Are there any local bands you would specifically like to play alongside?
NP: As far as playing with any other local bands, we are happy to gig with anyone, as long as they don’t mind a monster racket.

STS: What are the best and worst things about being in a band?
NP: The best thing about being in a band is the without doubt the sheer fun of it – if it’s not fun don’t do it….the worst thing for me band wise is a being a drummer you’re usually first in and last out humping cases and gear around. I’m also the guy with the van, so nae drink at gigs…

STS: What does the future look like for the band?
NP: We have no idea what the future holds for Poison Ivy League – at the moment we are just loving what we are doing and having a great deal of fun!

The Live Lounge gig kicks off at 8pm on Saturday 3rd December 2016. Tickets cost £3 are available on the door. The Live Lounge is above the Urban Grill restaurant on English Street in Dumfries and can be accessed via its own entrance down Shakespeare’s Close to the right of the building.

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