D&G Musicians Reveal Plans for 2018

At the start of every year we always like to bring you some updates from local musicians of their plans for the next 12 months. 2017 was undoubtedly an eventful one, with the music scene as busy (if not busier) than ever. In fact, not including the local music festivals, well over 1,000 live music gigs took place across the region throughout 2017. If you add to that the number of live acts performing at the festivals then the total will most definitely be over 2,000. When you look at it this way, it’s pretty hard to believe anyone who says there’s nothing to do in Dumfries and Galloway!

It’s been great to see success for so many local bands and solo artists too – label signings for ONR and Zoe Bestel, another German tour for 13 Crowes, and album and EP launches for many others. 2018 is going to be another exciting year, and here’s an idea of what you can expect… 

Jake Scott of Stoney Broke:
Stoney Broke“To say 2017 exceeded all expectations is an understatement! It really was the year that blew the bl**dy doors off! This time last year where there was a real sense of unknown for the year ahead, but I’m moving into 2018 with some really exciting projects and opportunities, and more of a plan in place.
I’m on the main bill for the Scarborough and Bowness Blues Festivals (like, on the actual poster!!), and working closely with venues and other festivals which should see me on the road alot, hopefully with a proper tour laid out. So Dumfries dates may be more scarce than the last couple of years.
I’ve got about 2 and a bit hours of finished original tracks and, Ideally, I’ll be looking to get into the studio and have the next release available.
What has been achieved so far is a dream come true, and I’ll keep enjoying it for however long it lasts. 2018 is looking very, very, positive but I’ll need to keep working hard and prove any doubters wrong. A huge thanks to Small Town Sounds for all the support, and DMC radio chats, it’s really appreciated!”

13 CrowesAndrew Dickson of 13 Crowes:
“2017 was a year to remember for us, the release of our debut album “Young Poets”, 2 European tours, sold out shows & a main stage appearance at Electric Fields Festival. While it’s been a great year for us we are always looking forward, 2018 will see us take to the Road for UK shows in February, new music, multiple releases and more shows for our European fans. We’ve been back in with Circa 16 Recordings over the last few weeks so you can expect something in the not to distant future, there is certainly a few surprises coming for everyone. We want to thank everyone who has supported us in 2017, listened to Young Poets & came to a show, it’s been our pleasure & we will see you all next year. Maybe even for a Dumfries show.”

The LutrasThomas Gillan of The Lutras:
“We’ve a few things that are still in the process of being arranged that we can’t really mention but if they go ahead, 2018 will be quite something for us. We’ve got plans of getting into the studio to record an EP or whatever we come out with as it’s getting to the stage where people are asking for something physical whereas there wasn’t as much demand this time last year. 2017 was a good year for us as we played the likes of King Tuts and O2 ABC so 2018 can only bring bigger again…”

Paul Winter of The Mind Sweepers:
“The Mind Sweepers have got their debut album coming out in Spring. It’s gonna have 10 original tracks, some rocking, some not so, and it’s gonna be called ‘States of Mind’. It was recorded at Unit 7 at Bladnoch over the summer, engineered and produced by Huey Dowling, and features the band as well as guest performances by Al Price on harmonica, and Owen Fielding on keys. It’ll be getting released on German Shepherd Records from Manchester. We hope to be able to book a few gigs around the release date for the launch, and hope to play farther afield than Dumfries. We also hope to have the CD pressed, as well as downloadable, so we can sell it at gigs. We’ve just released our first promo video, and are currently getting our electronic press pack sorted out. We’re hoping 2018 will be a game-changer for us.”

Screaming Love CollectiveBryn Thorburn of the Screaming Love Collective:
“The Screaming Love Collective will be releasing a new album “The Screaming Love Collective Drop Acid and Join a Cult” which should be out earlyish 2018. Our new single Laika was released on Friday 29th December, both the single and album released on German Shepherd Records. A big thank you to everyone who’s supported the Screaming Love Collective over 2017. In the new year we will hopefully be ready to be a live act – look out for some Screaming Love Collective gigs in 2018.”

KarinPaul Mills of Karin:
“2017 was an excellent year for Karin. We travelled, rehearsed and performed non-stop across places like Glasgow, Edinburgh and Carlisle, and released our first EP. We’re super excited to take 2018 to the next level and show off our development as a band – more is yet to come, including another EP!”

Poison Ivy LeagueNeil Paterson of Poison Ivy League:
“Poison Ivy League will be doing pretty much what we have been doing since we started. Rehearsing like loonies for gigs then having to cancel them due to illness or family issues. We fully intend entering any “Unluckiest Amateur Rock n Roll band on the Planet’ competitions that exist, and we will deffo be worth a punt for 1st. prize. Other than that we have more than a few new tunes to play for the first time, and are looking forward to paying at the BBS Coach gig on the 20th of January (earthquakes, accidents and fate allowing). We will also be playing a double header with the fabulous Heart of Rust (both bands united in a love of feedback and full on raucous rock n roll) in March – we were supposed to do that a year ago, but that ole Poison Ivy League bad luck came a’ callin’. Other than that, just continuing to play the music we love and not “play somethin’ we ken” live band kakaoke nonsense.”

Frozen ShoresRuari Barber-Fleming of Frozen Shores:
“I plan to start recording some demos around Feburary time. I’ve had these songs in my head for a while now and want to experiment with ways to make them sound unique on record. Unlike my previous release, I’m planning on holding on to these songs until the time is right to put them out there. I won’t be gigging a whole lot bar a small handful of special shows so look out for them. 2018, for me, will be a year of professionalism and hard work.”
Chasin' The TrainRory Nelson of Chasin’ The Train:
“In 2018, Chasin The Train will be heading into the studio to record some original tracks, which have already made their way into our live set. We’re a band that prides ourselves on our energetic and fun live show, so we’re looking forward to taking our brand of ‘blues with cojones’ to new places, as well as our usual mix of pub gigs and festival slots. Happy New Year to all involved in the Dumfries music scene and all the best for 2018 and beyond!”

Zoe BestelZoe Bestel:
“I am chuffed to announce that my second album entitled: ‘Transience’ will be released on 180gm Gatefold Vinyl, CD and Download on the 21st April 2018 {Record Store Day} through my newly signed record deal with Last Night From Glasgow. The launch party at the Hug & pint in Glasgow will be one of many launch events (including something in the pipeline locally.) I’m starting off the new year at Celtic Connections and have a European tour organised for late summer. 2018 is looking exciting and a great way to celebrate my 21st birthday year. Thanks to everyone who has supported me on my journey and continues to do so.”

North AtlasCam Hunter of North Atlas:
“For the first part of 2018 we plan to get to some writing as we’re back in the recording studio this summer, the plan is to build on the sound of our first singles Another Ocean and Volcanoes. With a UK tour planned for Oct 2018 we’re looking forward to doing a few shows before then, one of which will be back home in Dumfries at the start of the year! Add us on Facebook and we’ll keep you up to date with all the details.”


Photo credit – SVZ Photography UK

Trevor Newport of Tiderays:
“Highlights of 2017 were Big Burns Supper 17, Electric Fields, our first gigs out of the region, our debut EP and sold out launch show in our hometown. We are currently in the studio demoing new tracks. We hope to have a single and video released in the new year with an EP release in the spring. We have live festival dates booked which we aren’t allowed to announce yet. We will be undertaking our first tour in support of our second record in late spring early summer.”

Tombstone Jack

Photo credit: Ray Farish Photography

Spike from Tombstone Jack:
“We’re still in and out of the studio, working on an album of original material which we hope to finish in the new year (sometime!). A few of us play with other bands as well, so it gets a bit hectic at times. Donald and I have also started some studio work with my old mate Jimmy Wyllie and are going to be recording as my old band Trailer, to put out some of our old material, and re-record some of Jimmy’s old material from his days with the Square Chex in the ’60s. Follow Tombstone Jack on Facebook to get all our updates!”

Black MangoAndrew McCulloch from Black Mango:
“2018 is shaping up to be a big year for Black Mango. We’re playing down in Northallerton, England next year for the annual Fleecetonbury Festival alongside some of the best unsigned talent the UK has to offer. We will also be releasing a 3 track EP at the beginning of the year and are just finishing that off now. Loads of gigs on the horizon, with some news we can’t announce yet…oh ok then, if you insist…Scott’s pregnant.”

So there we have it! Keep supporting the local music scene by going along to gigs, buying tickets, buying EPs and albums – or even just a share or like of their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts helps them spread the word!

As for Small Town Sounds, we’ll still keep plugging away. We’re always on the lookout for interesting music stories so please send all the information you can in our direction and we’ll get it online for you. You can get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Happy New Year to you all from Small Town Sounds!


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