Dalbeattie’s Birchvale is open for business!


The new Birchvale was opened in October 2021

The Birchvale is Dalbeattie’s newest community arts and culture venue.

Owned and managed by the Birchvale Players, the Birchvale opened in October 2021 but the organisation itself has existed for far longer. It was set up in the early 1930’s and was created by the workers at a local ammunitions factory because of their love of the arts.

Recently, the group has secured their future by creating a new 72-seater venue in the former St Peter’s Primary School in the centre of Dalbeattie. It will be used for musical performances, live theatre and a wide range of cultural activities. 

Dean McCormick, Secretary of Birchvale, explained: “During lockdown we were closed like many other venues but we had connections which we worked on and have developed to bring brilliant acts to the region. We are hoping to do more and bring a new string to our bow. We are so excited to see our audiences back and get back to singing and dancing”.

The group will continue to develop their programme of events over the year and are keen to provide a variety of musical performances covering many different genres, from cello to classical country music through to classic rock.

The Birchvale recently welcomed ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ by Graeme Richardson, a full acoustic solo set of all things Bruce played in similar style to his Broadway Show ‘Springsteen on Broadway’. The theatre is looking forward to including more live music to their future plans.

To find out more about Birchvale and to see what other events are coming up, visit the Birchvale website.

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