TurbyneName of Band: Turbyne
Band Members:
Keith Fleming – Vocals

Gary Gillespie – Vocals
Kyle Mitchell – Drums
Ryan Todd – Bass guitar
Calum Walker – Guitars
Jamie Hoyle – Keyboard
Dumfries, Scotland
Background Information:
Turbyne are a metal band, currently based in Dumfries, Scotland. Formed in 2001, they have crafted a diverse and intense sound, capable of reducing an entire planet to ash! Drawing influence from both heavy and progressive musical styles, and always taking metal to strange and scary new places. Currently writing, performing and recording their original material, Turbyne’s quest for total global domination continues on as strong as ever!

For further information:
Website: http://www.turbyne.co.uk
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/turbyneuk
Email – turbyne@hotmail.co.uk

For gig bookings etc:
Contact band manager Davie Kirkwood at dalek251419@gmail.com