The Screaming Love Collective

Screaming Love CollectiveName of Band: The Screaming Love Collective

Band Members:
Bryn Thorburn
Issac Novaro

Location: Dumfries and Galloway

We would describe our music as… A psychedelic punk rock groove sensation. The idea is not to be a traditional band with 4 or 5 members but to be a group of musicians working together to create some original and amazing music.

Background Information: At the core of The Screaming Love Collective are Bryn Thorburn and Issac Novaro. Bryn Thorburn is the drummer for The Mind Sweepers and has years of experience both playing and writing in bands including the Glasgow-based self proclaimed art noise terrorists Spacehopper and the Edinburgh based psychedelic band Gram Solo. Bryn also creates the artwork for The Screaming Love Collective.
Issav Navaro is a studio-based creator of soundscapes and producer working his crazy magic from Nlighten studios.
The first release by The Screaming Love Collective, “At the Drive In”, was released through Manchester-based German Shepherd Records in early August 2016. They have since released their second single, “ Ancient Wisdom From the Future”, and a track “Idle Hands” (thanks to Crass and Steve Ignorant for permission to use the sample) which was on the German Shepherd Records annual charity album “ Malawi”, which is raising money for starving people through a charity called Mary’s Meals. During 2017 they released 2 albums – “Spirit Radio” in the earlier part of the year and then “Thought It Would Have Been Better By Now” in June. Their 3rd album “Imalo” was released on the 7th of September 2018. “All The Light You See Is From The Past” is their 4th album and will be released on the 1st of March 2019. 

Plans for 2019

Bryn from The Screaming Love Collective told us, “Our next album, “All The Light You See Is From The Past”, will be released on Friday 1st of March…it’s a Post-Punk Dark Disco Groove Sensation. My biggest aim for 2019 is to get The Screaming Love Collective gigging as a full on live act, I’ve been working with Julie Ward (The Cherry Pinks) and Mark Jardine (The Mind Sweepers) and we are getting there, using loops, backing tracks and I play a sample pad with Julie and Mark playing live over this. A work in progress.”

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For gig bookings: The Screaming Love Collective can be contacted at 07736333734 or through the Facebook page.

(Last updated: 16/2/19)