The Mind Sweepers

sweepersName of band: The Mind Sweepers

Band Members:
Paul Winter – Lead vocal, acoustic guitar
John McInally – Lead guitar
Mark Jardine – Bass
Bryn Thorburn – Drums

Location: Dumfries and Galloway

We would describe our music as… Genre-defying. Wholly original lyrics and arrangements,  Pigeon-holes are for pigeons, and we dinnae live in a Doocot. Each member of the band comes from different realms with regard to influences, Paul’s influences range from Pink Floyd to Doves, via Jon Martyn and early Elton John, topped-off with a bit o’ 70’s Disco-seasoning. John’s influences are more guitar heavy, anywhere from Hendrix tae Johnny Marr, whilst also cradling a deep love of Soul. Bryn’s influences are more punk than anything, with a healthy interest in Soul and anything in-between..except Prog-Rock..and anything even vaguely representing ‘Hippie Pish’..he disnae like all, but, being the ‘Groove Sensation’ that he is, it’s all relative! Mark is the most recent member of the band joining August 2016.

Background Information:

Paul had been performing as a solo Singer/Songwriter for quite a few years, as well as singing in a couple of bands in his youth, and had built up quite a repertoire of self-penned songs as a result. The decision to have a go at starting a band arose from an advert by Bryn, on Facebook advertising the sale of a Ludwig drum kit in 2014. After a brief téte-a-téte the pair decided to have a go at the classic mid-life crisis move of forgoing the Harley Davidson and/or hair transplant and concentrate on getting a band together. Along with two others they began the long and arduous journey of pulling a set together, which, when you’re dealing with original material, isn’t an overnight affair.
Two years and a few line-up changes, the Mind Sweepers have become a tight solid live act playing throughout Dumfries and Galloway, Glasgow, Manchester and a host of Festival gigs including Eden Festival, Knockengorroch Festival and Solfest.
The Mind Sweepers work with a Manchester based Record Company, German Shepherd Records and have released two singles- “Mating Game” and “Away Wi’ Ye Wumman” as well as giving a track “Threesome” to the record company’s annual charity album Malawi which is raising money for the charity Mary’s Meals who help starving people around the world.
The plans for the future are to get back into the studio and record our debut album and to continue to be a great original live band.

Plans for 2019

“2018 was a big year for The Mind Sweepers. We released our debut album ‘States of Mind‘ and finally, after a lot of soul searching, began to settle on ‘our’ sound. We’ve never been a band for genre-tags, as is evident by our debut, but we’ve definitely found ourselves easing into a groove-heavy psychedelic journey. We’ve been wanting to add keys to the Sweepers sound for a while, but nothing seems to have materialised in that direction, but that might change. One thing that’s definitely happening is the addition of electric guitar in place of the acoustic on certain tracks. We’re currently in the process of revamping our set too. We’re working on new material whenever we get together and rehearse, and these tracks are finding their way into the set as we complete them. In an ideal world we’d love to record another album this year, and, whilst we’ve got the songs, it’s the usual story of not enough money to record, but we’ll see what happens on that score. You never know what’s round the corner.”

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For bookings:
Paul Winter – 07817 771191

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(Last updated: 05/01/19)