The Bee Plus Seven

Bee Plus 7Name of band: The Bee Plus Seven
Band members:
Bee Plus: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Emily Murray: Vocals, acoustic guitar and percussion
Fraser Clark: Keyboards
Rod Mackay: Bass
Ben Robins: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Sandy Sweetman: Drums
Marcus Samson Wright: Electric guitars, nylon string guitar and percussion

Location: Dumfries
We would describe our music as… Harmony Pop, Folk Rock, Soul
Background info:
The Bee Plus Seven came together in 2014 when Brian Harris (Bee Plus) realised it had been 15 years since he’d made an album of original material. His last London-based band, The Unconscious Collective, had won some critical acclaim, had their records played on the likes of John Peel’s show and regularly on the now (sadly) defunct GLR (Greater London Radio), and released two albums, which outsold their initial pressings after a couple of glowing reviews in The Independent (“…like Townes Van Zandt jamming with The Beatles and The Beastie Boys on a dark night”) and TNT magazine. Having no management and being utterly useless at self-promotion, the band got nowhere. After moving back to his hometown of Dumfries and playing in covers bands for years, followed by friendly encouragement from fellow songsmiths, Bee decided it was time to stop wasting his ability for writing some words with a tune and to get some of his own material out there again. Approaching some very talented people much younger than himself – ace keyboard player Fraser Clark, golden-voiced singer and multi-instrumentalist Emily Murray, and tight as hell rhythm guitarist and sweet tenor Ben Robins – he formed a band to play original material. Marcus Samson Wright was then recruited to play lead guitar and, after a couple of gigs, the original rhythm section was replaced by the master of the low end, Rod Mackay, and that most outstandingly solid and funkiest of drummers, Sandy Sweetman. The Bee Plus Seven’s debut EP ‘Sunlit Songs’, produced at Marcus’s MW Sound in Gatehouse of Fleet earlier this year, is soon to be released by Lost Wasp Records and available to preview here…Listen to the Bee Plus Seven EP here. It has already received plaudits from the likes of Robert Forster (The Go-Betweens) and Gary Clark (Danny Wilson), both huge influences on Bee’s songwriting, and comprises four original songs, three of which are about music in one way or another, and one of which is sung by someone who may have been complicit in the Whitechapel murders of the late 19th century (or he may just be clinically insane and deeply deluded. He is the archetype of the ‘unreliable narrator’, for sure). The EP is full of lush vocal harmonies, inventive playing from each band member, and memorable lyrics. It is also unabashedly melodic and catchy. The band has a huge reserve of material in store so keep your eyes and ears open for a full length album in the not-too-distant future.

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