Jesus A.I.

Jesus A I

Jesus A.I.Name of Musician: Jesus A.I.

Location: Galloway

Members: Christopher Aspden

I would describe my music as… A mix of genres, electronic, trance and rock, all focused around vocals and guitar. I try and make as much diversity as possible in an album, so there’ll be pure electronic dance tracks followed by sweet acoustic and violins; I think it keeps the listeners engaged. I’ve a lot of influencers including Pink Floyd and Fatboy Slim. I’m not afraid of digging around unknown artists to see what sounds good.

Background information: I started learning the tenor sax in school. I can’t play it now and all I remember is how heavy it was, but I picked up music knowledge from it. When I was 17, I learned the electric guitar and was in and out of bands. Then I took a break for about 5 years. At 28, I produced and released my first full length album, and 3 years later here I am! I produce albums from home on FL Studio. Although not a commercial hit, I think my albums stand up quite well and I always try to tell a story.

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