AspireName of Band: Aspire

Location: Dumfries/Annan/York

Ben Hood (Guitar)
Ryan Osborne (Guitar)
Joseph Fryer (Vocals)
Jordan West (Drummer)
Thomas Johnstone (Bassist)

We would describe our music as… Tech Metal.

Background information…
We formed Aspire in late 2016/early 2017. Having learned a lot from being in previous bands, we wanted to take a more professional approach with Aspire. We wanted to have things like a finished EP with artwork, logos, and a music video all sorted and ready to go before anyone even knew Aspire existed.

We recorded our debut self titled EP in Glasgow with Steven Jones (Steven Jones Audio). Steven was absolutely the right person to record the EP, he did a fantastic job and we made a new friend all at once.

All EP artwork was done by Simon Atkinson (Simon A Visuals). An excellent guy to work with whose work goes unchallenged.

The Official Music Video for ‘Breathe’ was filmed by our long time friend Tom Armstrong (Tom J D Armstrong) in the attic space at The Venue in Dumfries. With a fair bit of DIY and some help from Dave Miller and Simon James, we were able to transform the room into how its seen in the video.

We released our self titled EP on 3/7/17.

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