Alix Apples

Name of Musician: Alix Apples
Location: Dumfries
I would describe my music as… Mainly folk with a mixture of some pop-ier tunes and some darker lyrics, the two not being mutually exclusive. Whilst I have primarily focused on an acoustic singer/songwriter sound, I have also composed some classical and some rock pieces which I hope to incorporate into my own personal style.

Background info: Alix has been involved in the local music scene for a few years now, but only began to seriously focus on her own music in late 2016. Her debut EP “Them Apples” came into creation after months of work with a variety of collaborating artists, and showcases some of her best pieces from throughout her writing career.
Songwriting has been Alix’s strong suit from a young age. In the 2012 D&G DAVAWP Songwriting Competition she placed 3rd with what she still considers to be her best piece of lyrical writing, “A Woman Who Walked Into Doors”. Clearly others appreciated it too as they created DAVAWP’s first Lyric Prize to award to her. This award has now become a permanent part of the competition, and she won it again as well as placing 2nd when she next entered in 2015 with her song “Asking For It”. She often ties her lyrics in with any activism work she is part of, and regularly writes about woman’s issues and mental health.
She also works with Alive radio as a local music host, as well as a Blueprint100 Curatorial Team Member, so along with working on her own music she regularly strives to help promote and facilitate other musicians in Dumfries & Galloway.

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